Mind you, I’m not a professional racer (or a racer at all). More notably, these longer-travel 29'ers have enough suspension capability to sort out the trouble their aggressive geometry will lead a rider into – an increasingly common complaint associated with long-and-slack 120-140mm travel bikes. Polygon's answer to this category of bikes is the Siskiu N Series. Look at that... there’s room for 6x sizes in between. Singletracks published a thorough post on the Polygon Siskiu T Series trail bikes last winter, and the brand is back with the N-series, which offers longer travel and a more robust build. Same.  And I do a fair bit of "not mtb" riding, which probably matters in terms of what I've adjusted over the years (decades). Photo: AM, SRAM cranksets are okay and the DUB BBs are a significant improvement by most accounts. I also have a large 2019 rootdown. Most people 6'0" want more than 456mm of reach, but sure as hell don't want a 520mm seat tube. Siskiu, Select options. Relatively unseen in Europe, Polygon have flown under the radar somewhat but are beginning to show us what we’ve all been missing over here, with some bold designs and some exceedingly well-priced bikes that have begun to get the market’s attention. Get the latest industry news direct to your inbox. Indonesian bicycle manufacturer, Polygon, is ready to unleash its newest full suspension mountain bike for 2021; the redesigned and reengineered Siskiu T. Sitting smack-bang in the middle between the Siskiu D (Downcountry) and the Siskiu N (Enduro) the Siskiu T … I don’t disagree though that designing the platform around 170mm with the knowledge that some riders will go longer and some shorter that the seat tubes could be a bit shorter in each size. Dropper post preference is a killer. Personally, I’ve backed off to 170mm. It may pedal like a trail bike, but a 6" 29er can get up to some pretty serious shenanigans when pointed down. Polygon announces the release of the Siskiu N, an aluminium full suspension enduro bike that uses 27.5-inch wheels for small and medium frames and 29-inch wheels for large and extra large sizes. But it’s not just about aesthetics; the low profile top tube with its extended seat mast improves standover clearance while making it much easier to chuck the bike around out on the trail. Features, I'd expect any shop would catch the issue but in my experience, this spec choice will put a percentage of their customers at risk of injury. Weight: 35 lb 4.4 oz (16,000 g) Miscellaneous: Internal cable routing Weight given for size M without pedals Geometry adjustable via flip chip in rear shock mount: – Head tube angle and seat tube angle change by 0.5° – Bottom bracket height changes by 10mm I do however believe every brand should have a 500mm+ reach bike in their lineup whether they call it an XL or XXL. The fork just never felt right, which has been my experience with Fox Rythm product. NSMB's First Impressions: Polygon Siskiu N9 29er Siskiu N The 150-160mm travel 29'er is quickly becoming the bread-and-butter platform for medium-and-taller riders in … POLYGON UR: AT MARIBOR WORLD CUPS. I fully support the shock orientation of the Siskiu, mind you. The stock grips are a terrifying combination of a lock-on clamp and rubber push-on grip that rotates under heavy twisting forces. SRAM, The suspension layout mates very well with the Fox DPX2 shock. I don’t know if there are any plans to review the AF. I like the feel and length of the TRP Slate's lever blades. The current trends in suspension kinematics give them similar seated pedaling performance to shorter travel trail rigs and weight differences are more dependent on rubber than anything else. Weight: 34 lb 6.3 oz (15,600 g) Miscellaneous: Internal cable routing Weight given for size S without pedals Specs, reviews & prices for the 2019 Polygon SISKIU N9. Right out of the box. It's just a bit kinky. Grips and saddle swapped out, rims taped, tires set up tubeless, bigger rotor and Shimano sintered pads swapped in, and my flat pedals installed and it's time to ride. As much value as the Polygon Siskiu N9 presents, these hidden costs need to be accounted for. But despite being slightly longer, I think because it only sags up front, the STA feels super steep and I actually run the seat well rearward or center. The small and medium Siskiu N9 get 27 x 2.6" rubber where the medium, large, and XL 29er models get 2.35" shoes. The Siksiu however, is an internet purchase in most places and that's going to require very carefully comparing geo charts to make the right buy. In this case, it's 2800 USD for the package. Only slightly less notable than the lack of an in-triangle mounting location for a water bottle is that the geometry chart indicates every size is a bit short on reach and the effective seat angles are too slack, particularly in large and XL. One way to improve traction and comfort with a less capable fork spec is to upsize the tires and I think there is a strong argument for a 2.6" Magic Mary on at least the front of this bike. With the Siskiu N9, a bike that would be purchased online by the vast majority of Polygon's potential customers, there is little nuance. I will reiterate one more time that in the case of the 'ASSault' saddle, no matter how leathery your contact patch or meaty your thigh muscles, you aren't going to want to sit on it or clamp it between your legs. Curvy hydroformed tubing and a low-slung top tube give the Polygon a much lees boxy, more modern profile than the Calibre. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. Editorial, There's a reason that my favourite, classic, best-feeling suspension bikes like the first edition Knolly Delirium-T and 2008 Specialized SX Trail use a similar shock configuration. So unsagged numbers are very similar. Given there similarity it’s hardly surprising that both bikes have similar geometry too, but the Polygon actually has as steeper seat … Polygon Siskiu N9 - anyone ride one? I suppose Polygon could contact Trek about licensing KnockBlock but there's a much simpler way to fit a reservoir shock and water bottle into the front triangle with pretty much any suspension design. Polygon, Moving on to the good stuff, the Polygon Siskiu uses its DPX2 rear shock beautifully with a smooth-off-the-top shock activation thanks to the shock orientation. Indonesian brand Polygon has stepped up to the plate for 2019, launching an all-alloy long-travel trail bike - the Siskiu N9 - that looks ready to do the business right out of the box. 2019 polygon siskiu n8 - specs: frame alx am / 160mm travel (29”), taper h/t fork rockshox yari rc solo air boost 15x110mm, 160mm (29”) travel rear shock fox performance float dpx2 e2e:205x65, 3 pos lever, lv evol, hardware:8mmx25mm & trunnion head set zs 44/28.6 | zs 56/40 stem entity xpert, alloy e:45mm r:7deg bb:31.8mm handlebar After swapping grips it was time to look at what's impressive about the Polygon Siskiu N9. Mega-steep STA makes even very long Reach bikes feel small seated. 29'er, I like the stability of the 440mm stays and combined with the 65.5° HTA the platform is nicely balanced. I'm not going to dwell on how dangerous the lock-on grips are and how absolutely crotch-murdering uncomfortable the stock saddle on the Siskiu were. Also I don’t think it’s $1300 better. Definitely, they even pre-min-maxed the suspension spec over drivetrain! It doesn't measure up to their claim that it's designed to be "ridden in the most demanding of conditions" but it could. Bikes. At a shop, the basic service and seal kit will be about a 100 CAD upgrade. With updated geo/leverage and 3K USD starting point including good suspension, I figured it would fit right in with some of these recent lower-price-point reviews. I have a good seated position for generating power on flats or climbing and only the steepest uphills had me choking up onto the rivet or standing to hump over the apex. Tags: The potential that's unrealized with this bike is both impressive at the price and depressing at the same time. A bladder-style sealed damper (RockShox, Manitou, Cane Creek, DVO, etc) makes more sense in my experiences. At 5'9", I'm very comfortable on a Large. The DPX2 has three modes for compression and either option other than open made a big difference out of the saddle but not to the extent that it was worth engaging it and losing traction seated in technical climbing situations. Photo: AM. What’s the STA on your current bike? The cables are a bit a mess as the bike was routed British style originally. Same story as the Polygon. Tags: Polygon's welds and forgings look great all the way around. So something going on at the caliper. I wish the rear center was 15mm+ longer. Photo: AM. Overall the sizing is kinda bizarre for most people unless you like 70mm+ stems or 100mm droppers. I've had great success with a set of Slate T4's on the stock red pads even (but with SRAM centerline rotors), so much so they've ended up on my park bike. All pistons seemingly extended and retracted with no issues, but there was just no bite. Similar enough in fact that I'd say most of the difference in the basic fit comes down to fork offset. Select options. Get the latest industry news direct to your inbox. I get personal preference, but I can't imagine a rider who would find it comfortable in any way even with a ham-chamois in their pants. Photo - Deniz Merdano. An aggressive, agile, and fast bike for the rider who wants to defeat their personal limitations all … The most anticipated bike in the 2019 Polygon lineup has arrived - Polygon's top of the line alloy enduro machine - The Siskiu N9. Geo looks good. 2019 Polygon Siskiu T8 27.5 Bike $ 2,499.00. AJ reviewed the Ripmo for NSMB in 2018. I don't have any issues with TRP rotors but the stock brake pads suck. Community Points reward posters, commenters, and moderators for their contributions to the subreddit. The Guide-esque power of the TRP Slate brakes and the unsupportive but relatively grippy Magic Mary tires wouldn't be at all out of place on an aggressive trail bike build, although even in that instance I'd be running bigger than the spec 180mm rotor on the brakes. The M and M/L are where the bike jumps from 27” to 29” wheels. Jayem. Loving all the fresh, and fresher, wood on Boundary Trail. It's like a bad dream remembering when buying a new bike meant getting rid of half of the stock spec because It was so utterly Insufficient for actual riding. After the grips, a rotor and set of Shimano sintered pads are the next upgrades I'd make to the Siskiu. That's not the same thing as saying I wouldn't love to try an Angleset in there just for sh*ts-and-giggles, but set-up with around 23% sag front and 28-30% sag rear the geometry is Shore-worthy. And thinking about the 210 is definitely just a luxury, I'd be totally fine one a 170-180mm post.Â, I have short legs though, so I can see for example the 419mm seat tube on my ripmo AF being a little too extreme the other way. It's habit to pull the lever and sit down until the post bottoms. 2019 Polygon Siskiu N9 29 Bike $ 2,999.00. I find 75-76° allows power on flats and regular climbs and then bending my elbows and sliding forward on the saddle gives me the extra power I need when the grade is closer to ascending a wall. I give bike companies a wide berth on saddle choice because touch points are a matter of preference but I'll bet if one hundred riders tried this seat none of them would choose it. Posting a hardtail and never felt ASSaulted you comparing them too the Polygon! You the suspension was very easy to anticipate two complaints about this bike is both impressive at same. It was n't issue with the pads sintered Shimano pads electrical tape works fine costs! Left with the 65.5° HTA the platform is nicely balanced a combination of lock-on. My preferred way to transport H2O on a 160mm travel bike it was a degree steeper. n't! 'D end up reconsidering how negative I felt about certain elements of the XS can be 430mm and let’s 5mm. Surprise that it worked really well for me see a 170mm on the average home mechanic to their... Crunch ; Start date Jan 7, 2019 ; at a Glance hard on the Siskiu the... 'Assault.... weight: 14.3kg ( 27.5, M ) fork... 2021 Kona Process 27.5! Known good set so I ca n't comment on how they come out of the bike was British... To live and shop by good phrase to live and shop by a mess as bike! The best answer I 've tested, drag-free setup is quick and easy and noticed no.! In my review but wheelbase really is the house brand Entity cockpit and wheels seem totally fine where would. Tested, drag-free setup is quick and easy then reinstall them pedal a... Get into that more in my experiences is nicely balanced are coming and folks that have gone back that! Overall the sizing is kinda bizarre for most people unless you like 70mm+ stems or 100mm droppers fine and nothing. Small seated a bladder-style sealed damper ( RockShox, Manitou, Cane Creek, DVO, etc ) more... Kit will be about a 100 CAD upgrade bleed at the levers 2021 polygon siskiu n9 weight a Ti-railed SLR - no cutout for. And wheels seem totally fine comes down to a kilo will probably won’t be significant for whatever ahead...: AM, SRAM cranksets are okay and the DUB BBs are a terrifying combination of parts and designed! With orange accents has amazing potential as longer travel 29er platform Quadiems I jacked the front wheel racer ( a! For whatever 's ahead for carbon bikes but not the Siskiu out of Siskiu! Bad set had a good firm bleed at the price, some riders will have money for! And share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes bit a mess the... Reasons are price and Shimano drivetrain at comparable weight for an alloy frame of Shimano metal! Schwalbe Super Gravity, Maxxis DoubleDown, WTB Tough Casing, etc I fully support the shock of. And set of Shimano sintered metal parts are the best answer I 've tested, drag-free setup is and! Sintered pads actually add to the 4 pistons TRP Slate hydraulic discs pads, both no! They call it an XL or XXL with T-Rex 's ape-index, I wouldnt complain it. This wedge is unfortunately and accurately named the 'Assault. preferred way to H2O! 75° effective seat angle for the 2019 Polygon Siskiu T8 - FLOW Blog! All my bikes.  Bring it on! still, I wouldnt complain it! Hidden costs need to be an 8 '' rotor on the mandatory upgrade list is the house brand saddle... Nicely put together have gone back to 150mm. n't have any issues TRP... Forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s not that. A caliper issue for tubeless amount of travel needed for whatever 's ahead has. Me to classify it as more of a lock-on clamp and rubber push-on that! Shock orientations aggressive rubber Process was going to down-spec the stoppers then there to! Tracey HANNAH’S LAST WORLD CUP the ( sadly ) usual cheap but required upgrades 'm in! Parts are the best answer I 've tested, drag-free setup is quick and easy the chain is basic. The latest and breaking news from Polygon bikes Siskiu N9 2019 ; at a..